The COLLASTRO collection of everyday leather accessories is simple, practical and tactile.

Everything is made by hand – cut, glued and machine stitched.

I hand select the leather and most pieces are made from offcuts from the furniture making trade. This feels like a good use of resources, almost like recycling. It also means that there is an element of chance and excitement in the leather selection, and the evolution of the collection depends on what is available and what catches my eye. I look for tactile and interesting grains and textures – furry, embossed, laser cut, woven. The sense of touch is important.

The texture and quality of the leather is also selected to age well, so that the pieces do not stain or fade. The idea is that these practical everyday items maintain or even enhance their beauty over time and give enjoyment for years and years.

The design is deliberately simple and uncomplicated so that the beauty of the leather and the practicality of the piece is at the centre of attention.

A COLLASTRO piece is an antithesis to the mass produced and the disposable.

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